Quality Management

Quality is of paramount importance to all the members at SAPL. Our reputation for both the quality of our project management and finished projects is achieved through our proven Quality Management System. Our Quality Management System is implemented through a comprehensive set of procedures and controls which are documented in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Six basic Principles of Quality:

  1. Provides for long-term quality control through established processes and systems.
  2. Nurtures and guides our Quality Culture through its proven policies and procedures.
  3. Successfully identifies and controls the quality standard and quality of design as defined by our clients.
  4. Plans for Quality: Identifying measures of achieving the required quality, including construction methods, equipment, materials and personnel.
  5. Insures for Quality: Encouraging all parties to “Work Together to Deliver the Best – First Time”.
  6. Provides for a process of continuous improvement correcting any potential quality deficiencies that may arise.

Our Top Management and staff are committed to providing our clients the satisfaction of knowing that we will deliver exactly what we promise.

Health Safety

We committed maintain high standards of the Integrated Management Systems governing our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Codes of Practice. These systems are living documents that are continually reviewed and improved in line with industry best practice. We have developed our systems and procedures over many years based on these ethics. They are an integral part of our management activity and are implemented through a comprehensive set of procedures and controls which are documented in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Environmental Management

We recognise the importance of utilising the most modern and most sustainable materials within the construction process. We are proud to have built quite a number of iconic projects which have broken new grounds in terms of sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques.

SAPL continuously strives to perform to sustainable best practice in construction in our mission to lesson our impact on our environment, and every new project for us is a challenge in search of a zero-carbon footprint. The area of the provision of more and more sustainable and renewable buildings is constantly evolving and changing and we are operating in a very exciting and dynamic times. SAPL continues to innovate with every project every day, continues to lead the way in terms of our approach to sustainability. We source our materials responsibly, we audit our supply chain to ensure compliance with our systems and procedures.