Corporate Social Responsibility

The company is guided by the well defined CSR on the simple bottom line approach, viz Social justice, Environmental quality & Economic prosperity.

To be more specific, the company ensures the success of business by inclusion of Social and environmental considerations into company’s operations. It means satisfying the customer’s demands whilst also managing the expectations of other stakeholders such as employees, suppliers and the community around.

The Company has participated in all the developmental activities organized under the plank of CDBACA (Coimbatore Builders & Contractors Association) of which the Managing Director is an Advisor.

A notable and challenging achievement is the starting of School of Construction Artisans under Builders’ Association of India Coimbatore Centre. The birth of School of Construction Artisans was made possible to serve the twin objectives of promoting trained artisans in construction trade and uplifting the Below Poverty Line / rural poor youth earning his bread through work. As a Convenor, our Managing Director still pursues for the cause of the institution, in successfully running it and achieving the results.

Within the company, well laid policies for
Human Resource Management
Health and safety at work
Adaptation to change, are in place and followed, as an internal dimension of CSR

Significant contributions to CSR
Organize regularly free medical camps to the workers engaged in the construction activities.
Sponsoring the QUIZ program conducted by the engineering colleges for the civil engineering students to hone their skill
All these activities are carried out as a policy of the company, having concern for the beneficiaries, though not statutorily obligated.