Rajapalayam Mills limited - Rajapalayam

" They are availing the centring materials, plant & machinery upto the requirement and their planned utilization is also impressive. As regards to the documents and records related to the project, they are well maintained. Adequate Technical staff and labour force is always available at site. We appreciate their conscious efforts to stick to the time schedule. "

Parsn Foundation (P) Ltd. - Coimbatore

" They executed the contracts with skill and precision and completed the work within the stipulated time. We are satisfied with the quality of work and appreciate them for their professional competency. "

Adithya Education Trust - Coimbatore

" Has executed the job with skill and precision and completed the work within stipulated time. We are fully satisfied with the quality of the work and appreciate them for this professional competency. "

T.Stanes and Company limited - Coimbatore

" The entire construction work was carried out by them giving due importance to quality and timely execution as per our specifications. We sincerely appreciate their true professionalism in their job. "

GTN Engineering (India) Ltd. - Coimbatore

" They constructed our main building, machine shop, ancillary building and the administrative block which is estimated over Rs.20.00 crores within stipulated time.

We appreciate their commitment and safe mode of work during their entire work execution. We are happy to say that we have not come across a smallest accident during the course of construction. "

KG Fabriks Limited - Coimbatore

" Their involvement in the work is commendable and executed the work with professional skills. The builders have used the mechanical means to carry out the work with precision and high quality. "

Aravind Eye Hospitals - Madurai

" Organizational set up, Plant, Machinery, Centring materials Availability and utilization, Development of Manpower are Good Maintaining documents, records at site, Efforts to stick to time schedule are Excellent. "