our-srength-qualityQuality is the hallmark of the company and a separate department for QA & QC is functioning under the leadership of a retired Professor / HOD of civil department of an engineering college. Besides routine field inspection material samples are collected and tested for its quality through institutional laboratories. All mandatory tests of relevant IS standards are carried out at all projects to ensure quality work.

Quality Objectives (for the period 2013-2014)

Engineering Department :

Doing the job right the first time every time with minimum wastage in terms of material, time and energy.

To develop full understanding by all employees of the long term importance of achieving customer satisfaction by understanding the customer's current and future needs by providing consistently high quality products that strive to exceed the customers expectations and by maintaining an efficient service to the customer.

To develop a commitment by all employees to endeavour to continuously improve all of their processes thus leading to a better quality product and an improved level of service by reducing supplier and manufacturing non-conformances.

Accounts :

To design, develop and implement a system for tracking payments that are held for more than a specified period of time.

Admin / Training :

To demonstrate a willingness to progress through training at a rate that ensures skills are acquired quickly and completely.

To impart training on safety awareness, various safety measures to be practiced during execution etc. for all the employees.

To invest in the latest and most technologically advanced systems, software and other equipments available in the market.

Training :

Training development has always been in the centre of our business promotion. We have imparted a training in series of workshops in construction practices in the name C-TUP (Construction Technology Upgradation Program)