Environmental Management

At SAPL, we contribute to our environments and develop structures which may last centuries. With this in mind, we are future centric in terms of the design and technology we apply. We recognise the importance of utilising the most modern and most sustainable materials within the construction process. We are proud to have built quite a number of iconic projects which have broken new grounds in terms of sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques.

SAPL continuously strives to perform to sustainable best practice in construction in our mission to lesson our impact on our environment, and every new project for us is a challenge in search of a zero-carbon footprint. The area of the provision of more and more sustainable and renewable buildings is constantly evolving and changing and we are operating in a very exciting and dynamic times. SAPL continues to innovate with every project every day, continues to lead the way in terms of our approach to sustainability. We source our materials responsibly, we audit our supply chain to ensure compliance with our systems and procedures.